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Friday, October 28, 2016

A Prayer For You

I want to thank many people for their prayers for me with my recent surgery by sharing this prayer with you!.

"May God be beside you to befriend you, behind you to encourage you, in front of you to guide you and within you to give you peace."

Quote taken from a story in Guideposts, entitled "Closer to Mom" by Melanie Hall, Beaumont, Texas

All of us have many mountains and hills of happiness and joy with the inevitable valleys of trials and difficulties.  The roller coaster of life is a daily journey.  How do individuals cope without the solid foundation of faith and the knowledge that God is truly with us?  It is God who gives us the courage to stand firm and face life head on.  Prayer gives us the power to change our own focus, attitude and potential and to give an example to others who are also sometimes swimming against the current of life. God makes everything that happens to us an opportunity to grow spiritually and to provide potent fertilizer for our faith.  God makes all things blessings with sometimes hidden pockets of illumination and insight. With God all things are possible!

It is God and prayer that make positive changes in this world.

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