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Monday, November 7, 2016

Language of Love

I was walking in my neighborhood one day and I heard a young child cursing in a very loud voice and it continued as I walked down the street.  He looked to be about 3 years old and there was no one around to correct him.  It was very sad for me because I know that child will have a difficult time being successful in school and society because he hasn't learned the language of love and respect.

In today's society, cursing is accepted, glorified particularly in movies and media, and it is common in everyday conversations.  We have lost the art of being polite, allowing others to express their ideas fully even if we don't agree and speaking with kindness.  We have forgotten how important it is to respect all people, regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, education, religion, economic standing, work history, neighborhood or country of origin, political affiliation, or any perceived differences. Our political candidates, designated society heroes, actors, relatives, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, teachers, and religious leaders have not all learned this important skill.

We can begin to appreciate the language of love which involves mutual respect, active listening, compromise whenever possible, cheerful attitude, positive wording, explore options for win/win solutions to problems, attempting to understand the viewpoint of others, eye contact, honesty, integrity, faith, and caring for others.  We can model the behavior that is needed in our society and become the teachers for tomorrow and the future.  The language of love begins with you and me as we live our daily lives with courage and peace!

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