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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Counting Our Blessings

We are always happy to have a holiday in the United States.  Thanksgiving is a day off work for many and a chance to celebrate with families.  Sometimes we can get so caught up in cooking and planning that we forget the meaning of this special day.

Recently we had considerable damage in our community.  The tornado was devastating, quick and surprising. I remember the people who lost everything they had in the tornado.  What we heard from them was their happiness when loved ones and pets were safe.  They were grateful that no lives were lost. 

 A mass shooting also occurred during a local celebration. The senseless loss of lives was worse than the mass destruction of homes. Many more lives would have been lost except for the bravery and quick actions of police and bystanders.

Counting our blessings helps us to cope with unimaginable pain from losses that occur through no fault of our own.  If we take time each day to remember all of the kind and wonderful things that happen when tragedy strikes. Our community came together to help each other. Volunteers were working from the beginning and continue to assist friends, family and strangers. 

We have the option to bury ourselves in the destruction and senseless killing.  Instead, we can become stronger emotionally and spiritually by taking stock of the wonderful blessings that occur on a daily basis.  By counting our blessings, we can reconnect with the world and vow to be a blessing to someone else who is hurting.  We always have something to give, even if it is just an encouraging note, smile or hug.  We can share the blessings we have with others who are struggling. The act of giving is the sign of life and hope.  If we didn't have tragedy and death, we would not appreciate life and prosperity. 

Being thankful is the road to recovery.  God is always with us no matter what happens. 

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Veterans Day

Veterans come in all shapes and sizes, all faiths, all colors, all ages, and all have represented their country.  They are the inspiration and heroes that keep our country safe and in front of the world.  They are also fathers, sons, brothers and grandfathers. The children are watching and imagining being a part of the world of the military.

Toy Soldier

My six-year-old was playing with his toy soldiers, using a different voice for each one.

Soldier Number 1
I have a bazooka, and I make a big boom.

Soldier Number 2
I have a pistol that goes bang.

Soldier Number 3
I have a Swiffer, and I can make your house really clean.

That last soldier caught my attention.  On further examination, I discovered that Soldier number 3 was holding a mine detector.  

Donna Lawrence, Albin, Iowa

Military men and women make a difference in the world along with firemen, police, and all individuals who put themselves in harms way to keep all of us safe.