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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Facing Change

As human beings, we can find comfort in the normal, boring, quiet pace of a life that holds few surprises. We can relax as we know what to expect.  The sun rises and sets, we have a knowledge and expectation of life staying the same in that our homes are intact, family and friends are available, our treasured things are in the same places, our lives are planned and executed with the expectation that tomorrow will be similar to today.

However, life sends us curves and disruptions, that can make changes to everything we previously thought were critical to our happiness.  People can experience death, new life, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, illness, loss of employment, disabilities, new care-giving responsibilities, rape, violence, pain, accidents, and unexpected losses.

It is these moments of change that define who we are.  We can face change with fear, anger, blaming, outbursts, crying, fealing sorry for ourselves, and retreat from emotional, spiritual, psychological or physical pain.  Or we can rise above our condition and circumstances, ask God for guidance and support, and become a champion for ourselves and others.  We can take a leadership role and lead ourselves and others forward to tackle change head on and find the positive, inspiring courage inside of ourselves and reach out to others.  By noticing and exploring the needs of others, we can forget our own fears and realize we are not the only ones facing hardship.  There are always others who are experiencing more difficulty than we are.

I remember when all four of my young children had chickenpox, I called my friend who had six children.  She always comforted me because her stories of dealing with six children were always worse than mine.  I remember thinking, "If she can handle it with six kids, I should be able to handle four."  We have God and our faith along with each other to face all changes, positive and negative with peace and courage.

Change defines and refines us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Change is powerful and creative! Change is inevitable. Our response to change is the critical catalyst for joy or grief!

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