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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunrise and Sunset

When I was visiting my sister and we experienced watching the sunrise and sunset over the ocean, I couldn't imagine anything more beautiful.  I was up every morning to see the sunrise and every evening, looked over the ocean for the sunset.  I took many pictures and was so sad at the thought of returning home to Ohio.

When I returned home, I found some old photographs of sunrises and sunsets that were very beautiful and was shocked to realize they were taken from home.  I had become complacent about the beauty surrounding me in my everyday life.  Sometimes people who live in magnificient settings take this daily beauty for granted just like those of us who have ordinary lives with extradinary loveliness.  It is not until we lose what we have that we begin to realize all of the wonderful gifts that we have been given.

Take time to "smell the roses" and to appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds us and the amazing people in our lives.  Take time to say thank you to God, our family and friends. "Seek and you shall find."  We have to attend to the moments in our lives that are incredible to sustain us when life is sad or difficult.  Our happiness is up to us and remains in our attitude of joy!  

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