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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

From Psychology Today:
 "All of us--on occasion, at least--overreact to the small stuff, often without even realizing it.  If you find yourself getting overly angry, upset or defensive over little things, take comfort in knowing that there are actions you can take to more effectively manage your emotions. ...Allowing ourselves to acknowledge annoying predicaments and then find constructive ways to express and deal with them serves us much better in the long run.  ...It isn't necessarily good for us to sweat all the small stuff and hype ourselves into overreaction every time we get upset." 

In other words:  Don't sweat the small stuff!  Instead take a deep breath and be thankful that you are not dealing with natural disasters such as floods, fires, hurricanes, child or adult physical abuse or sexual abuse, addictions, tornadoes, or serious crimes.  No one worries about the small things when searching for loved ones after destruction occurs.  It becomes a celebration of life and an opportunity to join together to assist each other until life becomes routine or predictable again.  Appreciate the small, mundane annoyances that are a part of life but not a focus of life. A sense of humor can make our burdens seem lighter and in perspective! Smile and create laugh lines instead of frown crevices! 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Special Child

I had the opportunity to spend time with my young grandchild who has Down Syndrome.  I think God sends special children to special families.  I was so impressed with Isaiah's older brothers who not only love their brother, but help with his tube feedings, diabetic checks and behavioral issues.  Isaiah smiles easily, loves hugs and one-on-one attention.

Parents of children with disabilities have issues with finding caregivers, affordable health insurance, jobs with care needs and dealing with constant financial issues. Siblings have to share a significant amount of parental time when the child with the disability needs constant supervision.  It is difficult for siblings to have friends visit with the behavioral issues that may be associated with the disability.

I'm sharing a poem written by Edna Massimilla.

Heaven's Very Special Child

A meeting was held so far from Earth.
It was time for another birth.
The Angels said to the Lord above--
"This special child will need much love.
"For progress may be very slow,
"Accomplishments may never show.
"This special child will need much care
"From the people way down there.
"This child may not talk, run or play,
"And thoughts may seem so far away.
"In many ways will not try to adapt
"Known as 'disabled' and 'handicapped'
"Please be careful where this one is sent,
"We want this child to be so content.
"O please, Lord, find the parents who
"Will do a very special job for You.
"They will not realize right away
"The leading role that they have to play.
"But with this child sent from above
"Comes stronger faith and richer love.
"Soon they'll know the privilege given
"In caring for their gift from Heaven.
"Their precious child, so meek and mild
"Is Heaven's very special child."

Isaiah has changed his family in many ways.  I know that every member of the family has developed  empathy, compassion, patience, love and have each acquired skills that they never dreamed of.  Isaiah is both a challenge and a blessing. The world has been given a special gift!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


There is a significant amount of news about the sharing of information on the internet with facebook and other social media. 

I recently was involved with an organization that installed new security cameras in their facility.  I was initially encouraged that it would be a safer place for other volunteers like myself.  What I didn't expect was an unanticipated use of the tapes to monitor the daily activities of unpaid and paid staff by the administration.  I thought that the tapes would only be viewed if there were missing items, a police report or identified safety issues.  I was not expecting the tapes to be utilized as a type of 'spy network'. I know I was being naive as the situation unfolded.  I choose to leave the organization rather than feel like someone was watching every move I made. 

One time I was shopping in Walmart and another shopper apparently took a picture of me with her phone.  I later found out that she posted my picture on her facebook page as she thought I looked like her relative.  I found out when my neighbor told me she recognized me from the post. 

It is becoming difficult to trust each other because of the proliferation of scams, audio and visual monitoring systems, and exploitation of each other on social media.  We need to monitor ourselves and make sure our motives and utilization of technology are helpful rather than harmful. We need to co-exist with technology without destroying our ability to trust each other and interact with integrity.  Life and relationships with others is a precious resource that needs to be valued and protected.