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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life can change in an instant

A friend of mine couldn't believe it when her mother-in-law in her 70's who went into the hospital for a bladder infection and dehydration, was suddenly in a life-threatening situation.  She was given an IV and antibiotics.  Suddenly she went into a seizure and her heart stopped beating.  She was resuscitated and went into a coma.  In 24 hours she was dead.  It is always a shock when someone dies but it is especially difficult when it is totally unexpected. Life is not promised to be easy or predictable. None of us know when we will die.  Recently a 3 week old baby died in a fire. It doesn't make sense except that God has a plan and we need to have faith that he will take care of us and our loved ones and friends.  We must live our lives as if today is the last day because it may be!  Remember that God loves us!