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Monday, August 18, 2014

It could be me.

"There but for the grace of God, go I"  It is an "accident" of birth that we live in a safe and happy environment.  We don't have to worry about sending our children to another country to keep them from starving, or being sold to another human being, or any number of unimaginable horrors.  I can't fathom the fear of the child forced by circumstances to travel this dangerous road.  Sometimes it is parents who have to make a choice for the potential benefit of the child or to use them for their own benefit.  Children are caught in the middle and learn to navigate life in survival mode.  I am so sad that the fear of dealing with problems associated with these children will cause us to abandon them.  We forget that we are a country of immigrants who had to adjust to a new world, language, prejudice, poverty, etc. to survive.  We were children once.
Would it be different if it were our children who were homeless without a county or safety.  What if it were us who were living in a war-torn country and we had to send our children away.  Wouldn't we want someone to care for them?  God loves all children and it is our responsibility to look outside the box to find a way to share our resources. I hope that our country finds the compassion to solve this issue in a way to provide hope to these children.