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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Perfect Shell

I found the most beautiful, perfectly formed, visually flawless shell.  It had a sleek, voluptuous, curved, multicolored form that glistened in the sun through the clear water.  I was so excited about finding this masterpiece of the ocean.

The only problem was the dark brown living inhabitant who had created his perfect home, and remained nestled in the folds of the shell. I know that this creature was a very small particle in the ocean but he was alive and deserved to live. I was very sad when I tossed my oceanic prize back into the ocean. I had acheived a feeling of elation when I found the shell and a sense of being a part of a magnificient universe where beauty is created daily.  I have the memory of this particular gift of nature from God. Something small that allowed me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in every part of our lives.

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