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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chrissy King

This post is dedicated to my sister Chrissy King, her husband Jerry and two sons.  I have worked with hospice and home care patients for many years but it is most difficult when it is a family member.  Chrissy has had multiple cysts, tumors, surgeries and is facing decisions that are significant about treatments within financial constraints.  She tackles everything head on with courage and dignity.  She has the support of faith, family, and friends but the decisions are hers to make.  She looks at life with humor and awareness as she carefully explores her options.  I told her that she is my hero because she makes the most of her life and has positively affected everyone she interacts with.  Life is never what we expect but life expects us to accept the unexpected.  Chrissy lifts our hearts and faith as she continues to take one minute at a time.  She has my prayers and my love.