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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

fear failure or success?

I think that many of the life choices we make are often made out of fear.  Sometimes we are afraid of failure and the resultant guilt and embarrassment. Other times we are afraid that we will succeed and worry that our life will change.  Change in itself is difficult.  Fear can be involved in simple decisions such as cutting our hair to a shorter style.  It can involve decisions such as getting married, choosing to have a child, adoption, college, dropping out of school, forgiveness vs retaliation, drinking or use of drugs, whether to smile and have a good day or sadness and complaining.  A lack of a decision is a decision also because we give up control of decision-making to others.  I have the desire to make active, informed decisions about my life but often that fear creeps in and I back away from a positive change in my life.  When decisions are overwhelming, I want to be proactive instead of reactive.  I often take out my trump card to help decision-making.  I remember to ask God to help and I find that He always does, even if the answer is not what I wanted or expected.  I am always relieved when I pray and the big burden is lifted off my shoulders.  I am then free to make any decisions because I am no longer afraid.