From the Author

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Making A Life

"Don't be so busy making a living that you don't make a life."

Everything in life has something to teach us.  This virus has uprooted our lives, created illness, death, and isolated us from each other.  It has caused financial and physical hardship while creating distrust and fear in relationships. It may cause a world-wide recession. It is real-life horror. 

It has also forced us to look at life head-on. Why are we here? What is in our future? What do we believe about death? What do we fear about our own death? The virus has taken away our schools, work, companionship, activities, churches and the comfort of touch and hugs. 

It has caused us make new priorities in our lives. We are no longer able to go blindly through our routine schedules. Now we have the opportunity to slow down and "smell the roses."  We have time to physically and emotionally experience our families, children, neighbors and friends. We may have time to follow through with our unfinished projects or start on our dreams for a special project other than work.

People we love become more precious to us because we know that they may become ill and may die. "Life is not how many breaths you take but how many moments take your breath away." We can make moments to "take our breath away" with whatever time we have before we become ensnared again in our responsibilities. By taking advantage of this special time, we can become closer to important people in our lives, reach out to our neighbors who live alone, contact distant family and friends and find new meaning in life.

We can support and encourage the healthcare, emergency and safety workers on the front line. They need our prayers and thanks for putting themselves in danger for the needs of others. Death makes life meaningful and precious.  Without illness we would not appreciate health. Without death we would not appreciate life.

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