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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feeling Vulnerable

I recently had a scare.  I had a biopsy on my face in April with no call from the physician office and assumed that everything was normal.  After 6 months I was told that in fact I did have two types of cancer cells in the biopsy.  I was panicked because I could imagine the cells growing inside my face over 6 months.  I felt angry, betrayed by the doctor's office and very vulnerable.  I remembered all of my hospice patients as they faced their dying process and could imagine how scary it must be.

I wasn't dying but I was afraid of the consequences of the cancer metabolizing to other places in my body.  It is hard to think of surgery on the face.  It is our introduction of self to the world.  I remembered friends who had Bells Palsy and had to continue their lives with an altered exterior mask-type appearance.  The two I encountered had tremendous courage and faced this change by going out in society with head held high.  I knew I have been very fortunate and really have nothing to fear but myself.

My surgery went well and I am looking forward to having stitches removed and the healing process to occur.  They have taken out the cancer cells and I feel confident that my life will continue on with a renewed appreciation for others who face more serious and life-threatening conditions.  This was a minor shift in my life in comparison to others dealing with catastrophic issues.  I did feel the presence of God through my family, friends, church members, and medical staff.  When we feel vulnerable, God sends his earth angels to remind us that he is with us through everything!  

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