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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Broken Shell

As I walked slowly along the expansive ocean shore, I saw endless beautiful shells. I picked up the ones that caught my eye and discarded the ones that were broken.  I found I was attracted to shells that were unique with shapes, colors, quality, design. and those who met my criteria for beauty.

My sister grabbed a broken shell and showed me the beautiful symetry of the interior of the shell.  It had been formed with a design and choreography that flowed in a circular, composed pattern.  The exterior had a unique design but the interior was was a magnificient delicate, cascading, skeletal support system previously hidden from view. The cracked sand dollar had a tiny dove hidden in its interior that can only be found if the shell is broken.

People are also like shells, with a complex interior as well as the viewable exterior.  Sometimes we need to look into the broken part of each other to find the true charm, eloquence and loveliness of the person who may appear damaged or different on the outside.  God loves us because he made us. We can choose to love unconditionally and keep an open mind about all of the truly beautiful people we miss because we don't really "see" them.  We are all both broken and whole, with the potential of beautiful cores and a glowing exterior that has nothing to do with clothing, makeup, jewelry or classic "good looks". Human beings come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations.  It is the uniqueness, variety, differences and core sameness that makes us each a person and a member of the human race.

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