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Monday, November 21, 2016

Money: Blessing or Curse?

I remember watching the movie, Schindler's List.  It was a true story of a man who used his vast resources to save the lives of thousands of Jewish people who were destined to be killed in Nazi extermination camps.  He was an wealthy man who loved to live excessively with parties, drinking, women and wasteful spending.  Suddenly he was thrust into the war and confronted with the horror of genocide as Jewish individuals and families were killed.  He began to "hire" Jewish employees by buying them from the Nazi captors.  At the end of the movie he was thanked by the Jewish community for his courage to protect so many Jewish individuals from execution.

Schindler reacted with tears and anguish as he remembered all of the money he had wasted during his lifetime and had to confront his selfishness. He had squandered away a fortune with his extravagance and lavish lifestyle.  He regretted the number of Jewish men, woman and children he could have purchased if he had more funds available. Each dollar he spent so recklessly, could have saved another life.  Even though he had accomplished a miracle for the people he saved, he knew he could have done more.  He did make a huge difference because he made the effort.

We are given many gifts from God.  It is our responsibility and mandate to take the opportunity to use our talents and money for the benefit of others besides ourselves.  You can't take money and things with you when you die but you can take the love and respect of your fellow human beings.

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