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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Secret Santa

Christmas is a wonderful time to remember that life is not easy for many of us.  It is often not the beautiful presents or money that we remember.  Rather, it is the unique gifts of time, love, caring, homemade items, individuals who shovel our sidewalk, go to the grocery for us, drive us to physician appointments, babysit so that parents can have a night out, someone who brings us a meal after we have surgery or are ill, and just a card, hug or message to remind us we are loved.

At one time in my life, I was going through a difficult divorce and I was depressed, worried and exhausted with financial and multiple responsibilities.  I started receiving encouraging cards and little gifts for holidays and my birthday for an entire year.  I couldn't imagine who was sending them but I found myself looking forward to the next encouraging correspondence.  I think this person was sending me hope!  Sometimes the cards made me laugh, others were thoughtful and reminded me of faith and friends.

It was a surprise when years later I discovered that my Secret Santa was my boss, a very kind and creative woman who realized I was under unusual stress and decided to reach out quietly but effectively.  There is a woman at church who volunteers to send out cards to bereaved people in our church in much the same way.  With these special gifts, the recipient can feel God's loving arms wrapped around to create a feeling of peace and hope.

Take time to look around and find people in your life, church, neighborhood or favorite charity to make a difference in their lives.  Children can be encouraged to volunteer their time or efforts to develop a lifetime habit of providing help to others.  I wonder what Santa wants this year!  It will be a wonderful feeling to be Santa to others year round!

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