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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Kids--Live and Let Live

The news has been filled with images of children and teens taking their own lives and/or killing others. This grievous carnage is so filled with horror because it is preventable and totally unnecessary. Usually guns are used.  I wonder about why a young person has access to or needs to own an assault or repeating rifle. I wonder what evil has happened to a young person to cause them to be filled with such anger and hatred against the world and their peers.

I worked at Children's Services for only a short time because I couldn't continue to "reunify" families by returning abused children home to continue to be at the mercy or their abuser.  How can trust occur when vulnerable children are not protected by the adults who are supposed to be nurturing them?  Children have no rights. There are "Parents" in name only do not accept responsibility to help shape the lives of these little morsels of humanity who can blossom with a protected, safe and loving environment.  Many are subjected to ridicule, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, starvation or use of food to control behavior with unhealthy diets and exposed to drugs.

Most of us function with a conscience that has been formed over our lifetime and the majority of us would never consider using a gun or torture against another human being.  However, with barrage of constant criticism, anger, deprivation; physical, emotional, mental, sexual and psychological abuse, it is no wonder that a child can become socially isolated, have a negative outlook on life and a warped sense of righteousness.

The adults in the lives of all children must report abuse, demand rights for children to be in a safe and loving environment and have their basic human needs met such as healthy food, clean and safe homes and loving supervision.  We have taken God and frequently counselors, nurses, and psychologists out of the school systems and replaced them with more "security".  External restraints are never as effective as internal, self-guiding decisions made by individuals supported and encouraged by adults and peers.  Children who are having problems with bullies, nutrition, sanitation, symptoms of abuse, health concerns and toxic home environments must be identified and assisted if we want to prevent further attacks of children with suicide or homicide. Kids need to learn how to live harmoniously and let others do the same. Kids learn what they live. Adults and peers are their teachers and examples.

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