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Friday, March 9, 2018

Crossroads of Life

"Courage doesn't mean you're not afraid.  It means you're afraid but you do it anyway."  Tony Robbins, motivational speaker

Things happen to us in our lives that are a crossroads in the direction we are taking. Someone dies who is close to us, we lose our job, have a house fire, experience serious illness or become a caregiver, we become childless as our children leave home, our pet dies, we grow older and experience loss of independence, have to move to a new state or country, retire, graduate, become parents, catastrophic weather causes devastation, traumatic injury occurs, we are victims of crime, etc. 

All of the above and worse can and will happen.  It is our job to let go of the feeling that we are in control of our lives and become open to new possibilities. Ask God to take the helm and help you find your way in the sea of life.  There is always something good that comes out of everything if we look hard enough and deep enough. Sometimes the answer God gives us is no or not now but when we look back on our lives we can see that God has wonderful timing and the answer we receive later is better than we can imagine!

"Instead of telling God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is!"  Kerri Miller

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