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Friday, July 29, 2016

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

I remember going to a very poor section of the city to see a hospice patient for the first time. The neighborhood had many rundown and abandoned houses and the area was littered with trash and refuse.  The house she lived in listed to the side, the gutters hung crazily from the roof and the siding was old, damaged and unpainted.

I was so surprised when I entered her small apartment.  It was beautifully decorated with brightly painted walls, framed pictures, freshly washed and ironed curtains, colorful handmade rugs, and cheerful light streamed through the clear window panes.  It was an oasis in a chaotic world. It was a very special home to a lovely lady with a gaunt, pale, sunken, lined face, thin, wispy hair, who had overcome many obstacles in her life and her face radiated with a wide, peaceful smile.

It reminded me of the phrase, "beauty is only skin deep." This older woman, with her wrinkled skin and huge, welcoming smile was truly beautiful as her loving heart shined brightly.  Her home echoed her fondness for the finer side of life as she endeavored to make the most of the opportunities she had.

In our society, we often value the beauty that comes from makeup, designer clothes, expensive homes, and appearances.  True beauty reigns in the soul and glows from the inner glory of love, compassion, hope and joy. She had a very captivating, courageous spirit that was inspiring and stunning as she faced death.

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