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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Clean Energy

The article in the Dayton Daily News states,"Ohio one state that's still in the dark on clean energy." There is much controversy in Ohio about coal mining.  On the surface, it creates jobs; however it pollutes the air and water, it causes Black Lung Disease in workers, it is a dirty, dangerous job that makes a person work underground without sunlight, and it makes money for owners of the coal industry and poverty for the workers and their families.  If we get rid of coal as a source of energy, we will be forced to find other clean energy sources, find workers to train to meet the needs of wind, solar and other forms of clean energy, and provide education.  Creating incentives for the state to improve in these areas might depend on deregulating the electricity industry.

If coal mining is unsafe, unhealthy, pollutes the air and environment and is an inefficient source of unsustainable energy, then why should we continue to allow industry to continue to pollute our world simply for the sake of their own profit? We all need to work together to create safe and healthy jobs, keep our environment safe for our grandchildren, and provide wages to sustain families and workers.

We need to look to the future and realize that our world cannot continue to survive the current direction of destroying it by our own greediness and poor environmental choices.  Fertilizer, chemicals and poor farming practices are polluting our water.  All of the living elements of our world require water to live.  We have to make laws to protect our world before it is too late.  We are leaving huge environmental discord for our grandchildren and our descendants.  We need politicians who use common sense and think "outside the box."  Lawmakers with integrity, foresight, ingenuity, and courage to make the tough decisions for the good of the people. We need informed voters who will choose to keep our world beautiful, safe and clean.

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