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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Illusion of Control

I was talking to an older gentleman today (80's) and he was telling me that he was finally discovering what his life was about.  He said he had spent most of his life feeling that he had to be "in control" of everything to be able to get through each day.  As life happened to him, he struggled to maintain control but was constantly experiencing anxiety.  As he grasped for the power to control even small things, he was overwhelmed with the unexpected and unplanned.

"I have discovered that I had to give control of my life to God."  He reports that it is extremely difficult to do but it has been very advantageous.  "I am so much happier and more peaceful than I was even 10 years ago."  He reports simply, "My job is to love others as I love God and myself." He finds that work to be very demanding and challenging.  Since he no longer needs to be in control, he just takes one day at a time and "lets God handle the rest."  He is much better prepared now to handle the unexpected, including death, illness and sadness as well as happiness, success and joy.  "Life is too short to deal with stress, anxiety and depression," he states with a big smile.  

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