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Friday, July 29, 2016

We Can't Hide From God

Evil doesn't have the final word.  Evil does happen and often it can go unpunished and undetected by us as human beings. Examples are hit and run situations, familial abuse, terrorists, people in authority who take advantage of their power, financial and computer wizards who hack into systems and steal information or sabotage, rapists, killers, etc.  It is so frustrating to realize that these evil-doers are seemingly "getting by" with their crimes.  However, no one can hide from God or his justice.  We will all die at some point and will have to face divine justice for what we have done to others, either good or evil.  We also have to live with our hurting soul after we have harmed ourselves or others.

Humanity may not have the ability to find and punish those who hurt others.  God's justice will reign and he will intercede for the weak, abused, and terrorized who continue to have the power of a God who can make things right. God is love.  Hate is the absence of love and ultimately the rejection of God. God and his justice will level the playing field.  He knows our hearts and can forgive but he will also protect the innocent and be their champion.

We can not hide from God or from ourselves.  The only way to combat evil is to smother it with love and forgiveness.  Whenever there is a disaster, the good people of the world can and do work together to make a difference in many lives.  We have the power to overcome evil by taking a stand and helping the people we know about who need assistance. We are the world to those who are the recipients of our love and our caring actions.  Let us make this a world of love.

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