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Friday, July 22, 2016

A Courageous Friend

A friend of mine that I knew for many years died recently.  She was a wonderful mother, wife, teacher and friend.  She fought a long battle for many years with breast cancer.  She had many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, treatments, and remissions.  At first she was afraid of losing her life, leaving her family and friends, and the unknown.  She faced her fear with courage and faith. When she died she was peaceful and looking ahead. I am always amazed at the depth of the human spirit when life brings challenges such as illness, death of loved ones, cruelty, abuse, war, pain, suffering, and injustice.

Is our house and security built on rocks or sand? Do we have a solid foundation to depend on when life gets rough?  My beautiful friend had her faith, her family and her courage.  It was enough for her to endure cancer for 12- 13 years.

I have two friends who are grandparents of young children diagnosed with brain tumors.  Children are our hope and our future.  It doesn't seem fair that they have to suffer and die before they have a chance to experience life. They are incredibly resilient as they endure treatments, pain and physical decline.  At the same time, their spirituality grows by leaps and bounds.  Children are open to love, God, family and the hope of heaven.  We need to adopt the faith of children and remember to build our lives on a firm base.  Life is what we make it with the time we have.

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