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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Grass Looks Greener On the Other Side

Evil needs glamour to attract and distract us.  When we look at the world, it is often seemingly boring and confining as we "follow the rules of society". We need to have "fun" and do not want to be bogged down with responsibilities.  Many of our dreams involve becoming famous, making huge sums of money and being able to "do what we want when we want".  It appears to be a wonderful life to have others hanging onto our every word, wanting our autographs, relationships constantly changing, owning huge properties, hiring many servants, gambling, having plastic surgery to preserve our looks, finding creative ways to have sex with the potential of pornography, using profanity without censure and forgetting the norms of society. How many of these individuals are truly happy, who have friends who will be honest and caring, who have family who love and respect them?

Truly beautiful individuals who love from the heart need no superficial trappings to attract.  They present themselves with honesty and compassion as they share unconditional love.  They can't be "bought".  They are willing to hold up a mirror to us to show us how we truly are.  They encourage us to become people of goodness and faith.  They show us how to make a lasting and positive difference in this short lifespan of ours. The grass is not greener on "the other side".  Glamour is fleeting and fraudulent while while truth is enduring and sincere.  Look beyond the glamour when making decisions. When the facade is gone, the reality is barren and often ugly.  Find the inner truth and find peace and joy.

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