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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Waterboarding and Torture

I have been reading and hearing about candidates for president who espouse waterboarding and torture as tactics for keeping our country "safe".  I guess if I behead you, you have the right to behead me. Sadly, when we respond to cruelty with cruelty we become the tormentors ourselves and we are no longer a part of the solution to the issues.  God has entrusted true leaders with wisdom, compassion, justice, mercy and charisma.  He has high expectations that these individuals will govern with the needs and rights of all citizens as the primary focus.  With great power comes great responsibility and accountability.  When a leader orders war, torture, unjust laws regarding prejudice, financial hardship, cruelty; loss of life, home, sustenance, medical care, etc., that leader is choosing to lose his or her own soul as they lose their humanity. Anyone can cause the death of another and inflict torture on the body.  It is the wounds of the soul that are the greatest and most significant loss. Those who are tortured and die unjustly will be in the hands of God.  Those who torture and kill for power, money, or cruelty will have to live with a damaged soul when they die themselves and have to answer to God for their crimes against humanity.  When we die, we will know either the pain and suffering we have caused for others or the alleviation of their pain and suffering. What kind of legacy we leave is up to us.

We have choices when live our own lives and choose those who govern us.  We must make our choices wisely and with compassion for our fellow human beings. We must keep God in our government and in our lives.

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