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Monday, February 29, 2016

Life Changing Decisions

I know a beautiful woman who lacks nothing except confidence.  She has been in a long term relationship but has never married.  She was so excited when she had an unplanned pregnancy.  She had never spoken to her significant other boyfriend about her wish to have a child.  When she told him about the pregnancy, he became angry and adamant that he did not ever want to have a child.  He told her to get an abortion at his expense or she would have to leave him.

"Glenda" was so distraught.  She was afraid that financially she couldn't make it on her own with a child.  She had been with "Tom" for many years and felt that she loved him and couldn't survive without him.  She was torn between her love for her boyfriend and for the child she had always wanted.  As time went on, she knew she had to make a decision.  She had the abortion.  She regretted her decision immediately.  She knows that now she will never have another child since she has chosen to stay with Tom.  She is depressed because she imagines the child that was not allowed to have a chance to be born.  The due date of the baby was especially difficult.  Everyday she remains sad and wonders what it would have been like to hold her own special child.

I think that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was able to overcome her fear with faith.  She was an unwed mother, engaged to a man who had never had relations with her and would be stoned by her neighbors if the situation was known.  Sometimes, the only way to avoid life regrets and pitfalls is to face the fear with our faith and do the right thing that is in our heart.  Glenda knew it was wrong to cause the death of a human being but she was afraid of life changing and of loneliness.  We never know what is around the corner.  God can accomplish all things.  Maybe Tom would have decided to stay with Glenda and would have loved his son or daughter.  Maybe Glenda would have been alone with the baby, but would have found the strength and courage to figure out a way to survive financially and emotionally.  Maybe she could have given the baby up for adoption for another couple who could not have biological children, We don't know what possibilities will open up for us in the future. What we do know is that God is always present and willing to help if we ask Him.  He also forgives us when we allow fear to make our decisions for us. I know that God has forgiven Glenda but she is having a hard time forgiving herself.  Forgiveness is the first step for healing.

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