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Monday, March 14, 2016

My dog rejects daylight savings

I have a visiting dog who does not recognize the need for daylight savings,  She refused to get out of bed an hour early no matter what time the clock registered.  She refused to go outdoors (her kidneys are not used to the time change either).  She would not eat and was indignant that she was forced to get up with a bright light and activity.  Maybe we should pay attention to animals who don't see the value in disrupting an established pattern of life in which our internal clocks govern our awake, sleep, eating and bodily function timing.

Many people wonder about the wisdom of rearranging our lives periodically to presumably save money and daylight.  I do know that it takes days to readjust our lives to the artificial time change. Maybe this perceived savings of money and daylight is no longer cost effective and certainly no longer convenient or easy for our biological adjustment.  My vote is to ban daylight savings time changes and make our lives easier and less complicated.  Tara, the dog, happily got up, went outdoors, ate breakfast exactly one hour later on the clock but the same time as her internal clock from yesterday.

Our lives have increasing stress and demands on our time.  It would be wonderful to have one less time issue to worry about!  I'm with you Tara as you fight the system!

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