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Sunday, February 14, 2016

tough love

Pope Francis states,"Experience teaches us that each time we seek the path of privileges or benefits for a few to the detriment of the good of all, sooner or later the life of society becomes a fertile soil for corruption, drug trade, exclusion of different cultures, violence and also human trafficking, kidnapping and death, bringing suffering and slowing down development,"

Simply stated--we all need each other to reach out in love to combat the unimaginable cruelty that can exist in a faithless and loveless world.  Selfishness and greed do not have to rule the world.  Love, faith, peace and generosity can overcome evil if we choose to become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.  We need world leaders who choose compassion and diplomacy whenever possible so that all of us can prosper.  When we die, all of our possessions, power, and money will be worthless.  It is our humanity that will be judged.

Valentine's Day is about love.  Love can encompass many people that we come in contact with as we live our lives.  We have constant opportunities to feel and demonstrate our morality with kindness and openness to others with different cultures, ideas, lifestyles and environments,  We are all human beings who love our families, friends, countries, and beliefs.  We want safety, food, meaningful jobs, clothing, homes, education and opportunities to practice our faiths.  We want to be happy and productive.  Without love, the world has no future.  Love has to be tough sometimes to help us find ourselves.

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