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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Best I Can Be

"Dear Lord--
I'm proud to say, so far today
I've got along all right;
I have not gossiped, whined or bragged,
Or had a single fight.

I haven't lost my temper once,
Or criticized my mate,
I have not lied, I have not cried,
Or loudly cursed my fate.

So far today I've not one time
Been grumpy or morose,
I've not been spiteful. cold or vain,
Self-centered or verbose.

But, Lord, I'm going to need Your help
Throughout the hours ahead,
so give me strength, Dear Lord, for now
I'm getting out of bed."

John T. Baker

We all have daily battles with ourselves to become a better person.  It is hard work that can bring us joy and increased self-esteem.  I watched a show about reunions with people who had a huge effect on their lives.  One man was rich, drank and gambled. "I was not a good person." He decided to change his life, traveled to places in the world where refugees were stranded and used his own time, money and efforts to make a difference in their lives.  He was reunited with a young boy,  once 12 years old, without family; a refugee who was able to change his life 40 years earlier because of the efforts of this one man. Everyday we can begin our day with a goal of making a difference in the lives of those we encounter.  Remember others who have been inspirational to us.  Pass it on!

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