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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love and Romance

"In all the chaos that's going on, we need a little love and romance."  Diana Krall, musician

"There is an overwhelming power in boundless compassion and unconditional love."  Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL and author of Resilience:  Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life

All of us hope for the perfect person and relationship in our lives. Remember that we are half of a relationship. What are you doing to make the other person feel loved and appreciated?  I see romantic movies and the gentleman is providing a very beautiful setting and makes great effort to show his love.  There is nothing stopping a woman from stepping forward and making a special effort to demonstrate her love. Make a point of telling others that you love them. It is a wonderful gift!

"Be sure that the person you are falling in love with is the person who is genuinely there and not an idealized version of a person who you 'wish' was there.  And always go with your heart." Danica McKellar
We can waste our time and efforts on someone who will never reciprocate our love.  We often keep sending our love to a bottomless pit of selfishness, rejection, and despair.  We are worth receiving unconditional and encompassing love from special people in our lives.  Don't settle for less! Become the person that someone else will want to love unconditionally!

Many of us are alone during holidays and celebrations or remembrances of a holiday like Valentine's
Day.  It takes little effort to remember our single, disabled and elderly friends but the joy and excitement we can share is memorable and greatly appreciated. If you are single and alone, keep in mind that you still have a great capacity to share your love with others!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I am sending all of you my prayers and heartfelt blessings! 

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