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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

voting with hope

I pray today that voters will choose candidates who will rise to the occasion and become true leaders with compassion, courage, honesty, honor, and diplomacy.  It would be very sad to have a leader who promotes negativity, selfishness, anger, vindictiveness, prejudice, vulgarity and dishonors our country.  We have a responsibility to elect representatives who bring us back to our roots to promote peace, respect for all, freedom of beliefs, rights to peace and happiness, and safety from prejudice and terror.  Life is never perfect but in our country we can reach to the stars and have hope for the future.
We are a country founded on faith and a belief in the integrity of the individual and the country.  We can't be bought by empty promises, money and rhetoric. We can be proud and proactive.  Your vote counts!  Your life and the lives of the world count.  We are all human beings with the same basic needs and wants.  If we help each other, we can make this a better world.  Voting is powerful if we use it wisely.  I pray that God helps us in our choices.  I have a belief in the overall goodness in all of us.  Lets find it today and fight the good fight of love triumphing over evil and negativity!

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