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Monday, March 31, 2014

Teaching by example

I heard a true story today on a religious show about a loving father.  He had 7 sons as I remember the story. One son was a priest who honored his father by telling about his father's example and life.  The father was especially close to his youngest son who was born with Down's syndrome.  This son followed his father throughout the day whenever possible.  One day the 20 year old son fell into a septic tank.  His father immediately jumped into the disgusting, foul smelling, thick waste and pushed his son to the surface so that family could grab his hands and pull him out.  The father could not get himself out and died in filth.  His son, the priest, remembered the love of his father who not only lived his faith but died as an example of unselfish love given by a father.  His example shined as the sum total of giving of himself to his family on a daily basis by a living example of how to be a father. I hope that all fathers remember how important they are to their families and how their example can have far reaching effects on their children and grandchildren.  Our father in heaven is such a father.  He is always there to light our way.  I am comforted in the image of the father who emerged from his death in filth to shining brightly in eternal glory.

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