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Friday, March 14, 2014

Work Ethic

During the course of our lives we have the services of many individuals who can help or hinder us on our journey.  Some of us have non-glamorous jobs such as cleaning bathrooms, toilets, hospital rooms or other similar areas.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have to use a bathroom that looks and smells clean. I can tell that someone has taken a drudgery type job and has chosen to do it well.  No job is worth doing if it is not done well.  Bless the individuals that do the extra things for others who they might not even know.  I remember many years ago when one of my staff members was providing a bath for a patient.  She made sure there were no wrinkles in the sheets, she placed pillows gently to make sure the patient was comfortable.  She rubbed lotion to keep the patients skin soft and protected.  She gently laid the patient's hands so that her arms and hands were resting cushioned on the blanket.  She reached over and quietly kissed her on the forehead.  It brought tears to my eyes and I was happy to give her a high rating on her evaluation.  There are many others who check on the elderly, disabled individuals, or children; help with putting trashcans back on trash day, bring mail and newspapers to the door, help with shoveling snow, etc. without any money changing hands but instead do these special, beyond the call of duty extras out of compassion and kindness.  Those of us who do a job well, just for the sake of providing the best they can do, will experience the joy of work done well. God knows and appreciates them also.  Their reward is not in tangible things or money.  They instead have a shining spirit and the peace of knowing they have done the best they can do. God bless everyone who does their life's work with joy and attention!  Thank you for providing the example of a positive work ethic!

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