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Friday, March 21, 2014


Sometimes things that happen in this world are so horrendous that we can't begin to understand how human beings can do such things to each other.  It is amazing that life can continue, that people can survive and choose to exist knowing what evil has occurred.  It is only by faith that we can begin to heal.  Death can sometimes be a blessing because it can end pain, torture, and inhumane existence.  I know from people who are uplifted and propelled to a beautiful place during near death experiences who report they are not aware of the pain they are encountering.  They are no longer suffering but the family, friends, and witnesses are agonizing over the their observations. They are the ones who continue to suffer.  The dead are at peace finally. For the people left behind who are filled with anger, regret, hatred, guilt, nightmares, fear, depression, all encompassing sadness and horror, life is no longer worth living until we ask God to intervene and protect all of us from ourselves.  It is only when we can fill our spirits with love, forgiveness, beauty, compassion, faith, hope, and contentment are we able to flaunt and dissipate evil.  The only answer is to ask God to help us accept that evil exists but not allow evil into our own lives. Forgiveness is often the most difficult task we can face but the most rewarding.  We can let God take care of judgement and we take care of our souls.

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