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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Finding Joy In Just Being Alive

There was a recent article in the Dayton Daily News by Kaitlin Schroeder, "Suicide, depression rates among teenagers on rise".  A teen from the area recently died after a suicide attempt.  Dr. Greg Raimey, pediatric psychiatrist with Dayton Children's Hospital, said suicide and depression are sensitive topics that can be hard for parents to bring up,.....". 

Another article, "Make finding joy in just being alive a goal" by Barton Goldsmith states, "Stuff happens and you have to deal with it or it will deal you out. Life is not a fairy tale, and you cannot expect it to be completely drama-free. That being said, how you deal with the drama is totally up to you." 

I think that many modern parents focus on protecting their children from consequences of their own decisions, especially the negative repercussions. Another goal could be educating children about their options, allowing them to make decisions, encouraging them to follow through with goals (positive or negative), and then experiencing the results of their actions. They can give definite rules and concrete, fair and encompassing penalties and rewards. Parents then have the responsibility to step back as their children face and directly deal with outcomes of their decisions. Situations of bullying need to be supervised.  Remember, bullies need help also as they have probably been bullied themselves. Children have specialized needs with trauma, death, abuse, crisis at home, family financial distress. However, they also have the ability to be responsible for their own childhood challenges that occur on a daily basis. 

Children and teens need to learn by experience that life is not always fair, that bad things happen to good people, and that we have a choice about how we respond to trauma, grief, sadness or emotional, psychological or spiritual pain.  Life is never perfect but it can be inspirational, empowering, and exciting as it unfolds.

Actor Luke Perry died recently at age 52. My dad died at age 54.  My niece died at 3 months old.  Luke was quoted by AP in 2006, "When you are younger you can have only work, and I will for a long time.  But it doesn't command my attention anymore. A lot of mysteries and the questions I had about it I've figured out, but life offers up mysteries every day."

Give children tools to face life with courage, flexibility, empowerment, and understanding of consequences of decisions.  "Make finding joy in just being alive a goal".  Check out my book, e book, audio book, art gallery, vinyl prints "The Dying Teach Us How to Live

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