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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Love and Kindness

Yesterday my sister was able to return to her condo in Florida.  She lives along the coast and went inland to stay with her daughter during the hurricane.  There were several other families who chose to remain in the building, including the couple who often assisted with repairs and remodeling.  With permission, he was able to check on my sister's condo.  There was water that had leaked onto the floor, under the walls and traveled into the other rooms.

My sister was anxious to return home but was unable to travel until the roads were opened and cleared for safety.  She felt helpless, thinking of the damage that was occurring and she couldn't be there. She worried about walls, flooring and personal items that would be damaged with water and mold because she couldn't clean it up.  When the all-clear was obtained, she drove about four hours to arrive at her home.

She was so surprised when she learned that her condo neighbors had all gathered to help to clean, mop and do minor repairs on my sister's home and other damaged condos.  She cried when she felt the love and kindness of many of the people she only knew by name or a casual hello in the elevator. They had all gotten together to physically lift a heavy bed, remove drawers underneath and mopped the water underneath.  Her wet towels she had placed under her windows and doors were in the washing machine already.  They had rescued two old postcards that had been floating in the water. They were set up to dry on the counter and were easily seen.  One was from her deceased husband and one from her deceased father.  They were upbeat messages, meant to be seen by her, to remind her that they were still watching over her.

There are many volunteers in Florida and other areas damaged by the hurricane that was milder than expected but very destructive.  My son is one of them. People reaching out in love to their less fortunate earth family members. I continue to pray for all of the hurricane victims and for the emergency caregivers who risked their lives for the needs of others and for current volunteers in the work of reconstuction. My prayers include all of those from other countries affected by the weather and earthquakes. I thank God for the opportunity for healing of the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the survivors everywhere in the storms of life.

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