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Monday, June 12, 2017

Living with Dying, a Terminal Prognosis

"Do not be anxious: go straight on, forgetful of self, letting the spirit of God act instead of your own."
                                                                    Saint Julie Billiart

At some point in our lives, we may be informed that we have a limited time to live.  This is all relative, as we can die at any time, at any moment and without warning.  This is very significant and also a source of fear.  We may be facing the loss of our own life, or that of someone we love.  The fact that life is fragile and unpredictable makes it more precious than all of the money, power, and possessions of this world.

We have choices everyday to make a difference in this world no matter how much time we have been given.  This quote sums it up--"do not be anxious: go straight on, forgetful of self."  That is much more difficult than it appears.  We are directed to "letting the spirit of God act instead of your own."

I have found in my life that every time I try to control my life, everything spins out of control until I realize I have no control, especially about life and death.  When I let go of the anxiety and worry about trying to control my life and the lives of others, I find that peace is possible and I am content to let God take "take the wheel."

It is important to make the most of each moment.  People who have a terminal diagnosis will confirm that every moment is priceless and a reason for celebration. Without death, we would not appreciate life. Let the spirit of God enter your life and take away your worries!

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