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Friday, June 16, 2017

Fathers and Faith

Tomorrow is Father's Day!  We are encouraged to love God, the father of all of us. Children often base their conception of God on the father in their lives.  Many fathers are the "behind the scenes" supporter of their wives, children, parents and all kids they come in contact with.  A mother is a better mother when she has the support and love of her husband.  Male and female children need a male role model. Boys need to have an example of how a husband/father functions to provide for the family physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs.  Girls need to have a male who values and appreciates her, One day she will know how to recognize her future husband as one who will love her in the best possible way.

Fathers are often physically stronger than other family members and have to be careful to use that strength wisely and with compassion. Good fathers can do no wrong in a child's eyes because this child literally and figuratively, looks up to the loving face of a person they trust.

Happy Father's day to all fathers including mothers who are also serving as a fathers; to adoptive, foster, step-fathers, father figures, and anyone who takes the time to mentor a child.  You have a very powerful role in the lives of all children. You are an integral asset to any child who needs guidance and unconditional love.  Thank you for all that you do!  You are awesome! You are making a difference!

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