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Monday, February 6, 2017


"Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely."  This is a quote I have heard but I can't tell you its origin.  It, however, makes sense.

Many human beings have political, financial, physical and other types of power over others, some over nations.  God has given many gifts to those who have the charisma to achieve power.  However, God also has great expectations and accountability for these individuals who can cause hardship or justice for a large population.  We have historically seen the rise and fall of those who choose to abuse this trust.  The triumph of the rise to power without humility and charity may bring great riches in this life.  It is the accountability to God that may be the pitfall for those who create chaos in the world.

"Whatsoever you do onto others, you do unto me."  God expects great things of leaders who may not realize the gravity of the burden of justice that is placed in their hands. These powerful individuals are not so powerful when they are facing death and are answerable for their decisions and for the suffering that may result.  There is not enough money or possessions to buy eternity. A true leader has the opportunity to make life better for their constituents who have many needs but no political power. A true leader weighs the ultimate human cost versus the accumulation of personal gain.  A true leader has compassion, humility, and courage. A true leader impartially promotes ethical laws and looks carefully to a fair and just outcome.

We need to stand up for the rights of all citizens and let our leaders know that we expect honesty and fairness to be a priority.  We can't remain silent as many continue to suffer.  Our prayers can be powerful also!  Be kind, for everyone carries a heavy burden!

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