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Friday, January 27, 2017

Live Simply

Gandi said, "Live simply so others can simply live."

Many people live to earn more money but find as they earn more money, it is never enough.  It seems to be a goal to always have more money than their peers.  It is a never-ending goal. If someone would become the richest person in the world, I would be surprised if that person would be able to say they have achieved happiness.  In the pursuit of acquiring large caches of money, many other people will have to lose their money.  It is not a win-win situation.

How many mansions, summer homes, vehicles, acres of land, investments, etc. are needed to feel content?  I would find it interesting to see how many dollars, amounts of personal property and summer homes will accompany a rich person when they die.  When we enter life we  have nothing, when we die we take nothing with us.  God is our judge and he doesn't take bribes.

The only thing I ever heard at a funeral that had any worth, were the stories of kindness, generosity, faith, and love.  People who were able to have a chance in life because of the investment of time, expertise, money, resources, and mentoring of this individual are grateful and celebrate the life of someone very special.

The treasure of family, friends, faith, hope, love, and happiness trump a bank account and power anytime.  The choice is ours!

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