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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Love in the Workplace

Many times we feel "trapped" in a job that we feel has low pay, frustrating rules, difficult bosses, and long hours. Look around you at your co-workers who usually feel the same way.  Sometimes we have lost our higher-paying positions, we have been fired for an unjust or just cause, we are under- employed and not able to utilize our education or skills, or we have a boss who is not open to promoting ideas of his or her staff.  We may have sufficient pay and benefits but work obsessive hours that do not leave us time for ourselves or our families/friends.  

It is easy in these situations to become mired in despondency and hopelessness.  Sometimes we take our frustration out on those around us and contribute to the misery of all, including ourselves.  When we begin to actually see each person we encounter daily in our work, we can think outside ourselves and imagine ways to make the day easier for our co-workers, clients and bosses.

In a job setting, we are told that we must make our clients happy in order to keep the company open and functioning. A company is also made up of workers, who also need to be content, appreciated and fairly compensated.  A company is made up of many individuals.  When we begin to see each other as people with lives outside the job; with families, illness, loneliness, deaths, debt, responsibilities, suffering, obligations, abuse, fear, unsafe and uninhabitable home settings, divorce, pain, lack of sleep, working several jobs, worry about job security, and overwhelming sadness.  Then we can begin to reach out to each other with love, listening, respect, compassion, and acts of kindness.  As we relieve the burdens of others, our own sorrows will lift and become lighter.  

A person who is cheerful and smiles encouragement will be noticed and promoted!  A person who makes the way easier for others will not need to go far to have wonderful recommendations to share with a potential new boss or company.  

Remember to take God with you to the workplace.  He is the most important asset anyone has for true and lasting success regardless of any job or station in life.  Do any job you have to the best of your ability, share love with your clients and co-workers including your boss, practice acceptance and forgiveness, keep God as your ultimate "boss" and you will find contentment and peace!  

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