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Monday, August 22, 2016

Lack of trust

There is a significant lack of trust in our current society, politics and world. There are many who rely on scams to make their living.  Politicians find it extremely difficult to tell the truth because it becomes quickly misconstrued or because telling the truth is not politically acceptable.  We are conditioned to expect that everyone we meet wants something from us.

 I was speaking with a friend of mine about global warming.  We agreed to disagree because neither one of us were able to sort out the lies and discrepancies with the supposed scientific data.  Science reports data obtained with factual studies of the environment.  Individuals who report the data can skew the test results by "interpreting" in misleading ways to make their viewpoint believable.  Unfortunately this confusion  causes decision-making to be flawed.

 We are making decisions now for a world to become occupied by our children and grandchildren.  Are we making prudent choices or are we opting to take the easy way and maintain status quo?  Common sense can make some global warning issues seem eventful as we have more storms, flooding, and loss of life and livelihood.  We have the ability to think outside the box to find solutions before we destroy our world and way of life.  We are creative and intelligent.  We just have to learn to face life's challenges with honesty, integrity and ingenuity.  We can solve the problems of the world if we work together.  Maybe that will only happen when the whole world is collapsing and we are forced to unite.  That is sad and unfortunate as we should be able to do that before we have a huge crisis.  Let us get our heads out of the sand and into the light of reality.  Do we keep rebuilding in flooded areas over and over again because we are not facing the actual facts?  Do we keep doing nothing with the same results?  Or do we find a way to work together to create a safe, beautiful and functioning world where families can have sufficient and safe water and  food supplies, homes and meaningful jobs.  Let us use our combined, creative intelligence to think tank ourselves into a prosperous future!

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