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Monday, June 20, 2016

Surrogate Fathers

There are many men who are not honored on Father's Day who are not biological or officially adoptive fathers.  These are the men who mentor children who do not have actively involved fathers but who still need father-figures in their lives.  Some fathers are deceased, of unknown origin, in prison, involved with a second family, are divorced and not in touch, are ill, are drug-addicted, are distant emotionally, are abusive, are in the service, are legally unable to be available to their children or are not psychologically open to children. That leaves many children without the example, support and love of a father.  Always God the father is available!

 Fortunately, there are compassionate men who step up to the plate to fill the gaps for children who they know.  They may be step-fathers, extended family, coaches, neighbors, friends, grandfathers, teachers, police officers, older siblings, mentors, employers, Big Brothers (from a program), ministers, priests, rabbis, leaders or members of any churches, synagogues, mosques, (any religious communities), boys and girls clubs, foster fathers, and all surrogate fathers who create a safe place for biologically unrelated children to be loved and protected by a father. I think of the men who volunteer time to perform surgery for children with cleft palate or other disfiguring or incapacitating diseases/deformities, who share family time with non-biological children who need father-time, individuals who salvage the good in children who have been abused/neglected and create an atmosphere for them to grow and flourish, those who provide the example of what a father is just by living their lives with love and acceptance.

I salute all of you who make a difference every day for children who need and want a father.  I thank you for your contributions to the lives of children who need you. Thank you for being the arms of God reaching out with love and caring!

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