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Monday, June 27, 2016

Following Your Conscience

Politics is a very hot and controversial topic for all of us.  Unfortunately, the upcoming elections have many issues that are difficult to navigate.  I want to applaud the individuals of both parties who have the courage to think for themselves and refuse to blindly follow party positions.  These elected officials are willing to go against the mainstream of endorsements that are politically and monetarily motivated in order to govern according to the dictates of their morality and conscience.  I believe that we are all ultimately responsible for protecting the rights of all constituents regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation, faith, social standing, economic status, race, education, or country of origin.   A strong society is generous, kind, compassionate and willing to help the weak or marginalized members.  When we die, the party members will not be with us to pay or direct our way to eternity. We will be on our own with only our conscience and our lifetime of service to "buy" our way into heaven.  Those in leadership have a greater duty to make the morally right decisions because of the tremendous effects on large populations of people including, elderly, children, disabled, ill, and disfranchised society members.

Life is not a game to be played,  Our decisions have a direct effect. positively or negatively, on others in our lives, country and world.  What our politicians, courts, and laws decide can cause many repercussions to individuals, families, groups that have far-reaching consequences.  Life does not go on indefinitely.  We will die and we will have to answer for our actions.  We need to make decisions based on respect and dignity for others.  We need to choose leaders who can provide true leadership in our country and ultimately the world.  We are not isolated with all of the media, international investments, commerce, travel and weather disasters.  We can no longer avoid our world-wide responsibilities. I hope that each vote in the coming elections reflects the true conscience of the voter. Votes must not be based on fear, anger, prejudice, selfishness, isolationism or retaliation.  Instead, we need to remember to choose what is best for our country and ultimately for our place in the world.

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