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Monday, June 27, 2016

Horror Movies

I am always amazed at the number of horror movies that strive to produce the ultimate fear for the audience.  It is sad to me that we are not publicizing the greatest fear of all.  Imagine having a family and watching them blown up in a war, starve slowly to death in front of you, die of preventable disease, die of dehydration because of a lack of water supply, see your wife and daughters raped repeatedly, watch your family or loved ones die because they have nowhere safe to live, watch babies, children and elderly drown as you try to escape a war-town county, and spending your life in crowded, unsanitary and unstable conditions. These things happen daily to immigrants.  It will take cooperation of the world to begin to try to solve these issues. Pretending immigrants do not exist is only a temporary fix.  We know in our hearts that these people are real and they are suffering.  There are no simple answers.  If we don't deal with it at all, there will be no answers.

I challenge movie producers to make movies about real horrors and expose the secret plight of our neighbors. Help us to find our compassion, empathy and collective conscience to begin to make strides in the war against poverty, ignorance, hunger, suffering, pain, prejudice, crime, and evil.  I fear more the lack of soul that is being replaced with greed and selfishness.  We have an opportunity to step up to the plate and make a difference in many lives.  We can become proud of who we are.  We can begin to heal as a country.

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