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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

perfect love

Most of us search for the perfect man or woman.  Initially we are drawn to someone who is physically attractive and appeals to us as "eye candy".  As we become more aware of this person, we begin to see the interior or spirit of the person.  Many of us are aware that there are no "perfect" people for us and we begin to accept that all people have "baggage" and we need to lower our standards so that we are not alone.  Sometimes the beauty we see is deceptive and hides unsavory character traits that will not lead to a successful relationship.

What should we look for besides the initial attraction?  We need to feel peaceful and comfortable to be ourselves with this person.  Perfect love does not involve fear, anger, cruelty to people or animals, verbal abuse, substance abuse, negativity, rejection, unkindness, rudeness, apathy, prejudice or dependence.

Look for the man or woman of virtue.  Someone who lives his or her life to please God. A person who loves with his or her heart, who shares life's burdens, joys, and dreams. Someone who shares his or her life, thoughts, future, and faith with you.  This special person who is not perfect, will be a person who also loves family, friends, community and often is a volunteer who gives not only to you but to others.  When you see the beauty of the soul, the beauty of the body. which is not permanent, will no longer be a concern.  When you search for love, look for the inner beauty of the soul which lights up his or her whole being. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Eye candy, like regular candy, is pleasant short term.  However, long term it is not beneficial for your relationship because it does not nourish your soul and you can't nourish theirs,  Life is fleeting and often turbulent.  However, faith and love are the healing balm to calm and smooth out our steps as we take one day at a time. Love with intertwined souls lasts for eternity.  It is worth waiting for.

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