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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Friends and Family

Sometimes the lines between friends and family blur when we live far away from traditional family members or we are estranged from them.  There was a story in reader's digest about a young man who had been shuffled from country to country after becoming separated from his family during an ongoing war.  He was in refugee camps, suffered illness, starvation and hopelessness.  He finally found a home in the US and was helped by many caring individuals along the way who became his "family".  He decided to become a member of the peace corps to be able to pay back his American country.  He always had a positive attitude. He was able to forgive others and maintain compassion in spite of all of the trauma he experienced.  He is grateful for what has been given to him in his life. There are many non-traditional families that experience and share love, hope, resources, encouragement and companionship.  Love has no boundaries and is inclusive.  Don't be afraid to share love because it will come back to you.  God is our ultimate father and is always present.

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