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Wednesday, July 3, 2019


July 4th is a wonderful celebration of freedom in the United States.  This day is a symbol of the special opportunities we enjoy in America.  Freedom is an awesome gift as well as a great responsibility. 

Freedom is relative depending on who is experiencing life in our nation.  The responsibility to maintain the hard-won battles to achieve autonomy is the most difficult fight.  It is easier to corrupt the process by excluding segments of society from protection.  The rights of all members of this society are inclusive. 

There are many kinds of freedoms.  Freedom of faith, lifestyle, sexual orientation, educational level, ethnicity, social status, economic status, marital status, speech and ability to pursue happiness. When these freedoms are eroded by power, threats, intimidation, politics, prejudice, economic sanctions, inability to access affordable education, healthcare, nutrition, safety and housing; the entire nation suffers. We suffer ultimately because we have lost the intent of the original constitution and are supporting an elitist society. 

Let us remember the sacrifices of our founders, our military and all who protect the rights of all members of our country.  It is our legacy to our children, grandchildren and descendants to protect those who can't do it themselves simply because it is important to maintain the vision of our founders.  When we respect the rights of all members of the United States, we are fulfilling the letter of the law and we are all benefiting from the achievements, skills and knowledge of all segments of society. 

I appreciate our founders and their vision of better world.  I hope that everyone enjoys this special day with each other and in special celebrations. 

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