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Monday, April 8, 2019


"Despair equals suffering without meaning."  Victor Frankl from Man's Search For Meaning

Victor was a Jewish survivor from a concentration camp in Germany.  He had to find meaning in his life to be able to survive. He found that individuals who felt they had something to give to others were able to overcome indescribable pain and suffering. They were able to make a difference in the lives of their fellow prisoners by offering what they had available; a small morsel of food, a squeeze of the hand, a hug, a smile, a joke, a supportive gaze, music of any kind, emotional support or help with anything else. 

"Each person on this planet is here for a purpose...That purpose is to care for other people and to help this world become a better place through service to others."  Actor Gary Sinise,  Veterans foundation director

"Worry does not take away tomorrow's trouble. It takes away today's peace."   Carole Brock of Miami Florida

Instead of worry and despair, try to find someone that you can do something for to make their life easier.  It may only be a smile of encouragement but it may make a huge difference for someone who feels isolated and lonely.  When we put God and others in our thoughts, there is no room for despair. 

I wish you happiness and peace!
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