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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cave Rescue in Thailand

It has been a long wait for the rescued, their families and rescuers when all of the soccer team members and their coach were finally saved from their underwater ordeal.  Their plight captured the attention and compassion of the world news as the daily saga was reported.  Everyone was so relieved when the entire group was finally out of the cave. 

This was an amazing rescue that was filled with decisions and risks that easily could have ended poorly. There were many courageous people in this story.  The coach and the team players could have easily given up.  Instead they were able to literally keep their heads above water and continued to have hope for a rescue. There was the tremendous bravery of the rescuers who risked travelling through dark, unlit, narrow and hazardous passages with no emergency escapes to locate the lost group and return numerous times to bring supplies, support staff, encouragement and eventually to guide individuals to safety. 

I was so sad to know that one of the divers died in his attempt to reach the location of the trapped team.  While everyone was rejoicing that all of the team and the coach survived, the family and friends of the deceased rescuer were grieving. This story is about faith, hope and love.

What greater love is there for a man or a woman to lay down their life for other human beings that they probably had never known before?  These amazing individuals put their lives in danger to rescue others and faced the real fear of losing their own lives. 

The world is united in one way.  We are all human beings and we can relate to others who are suffering.  We are one world with human beings who experience the same feelings, needs, fears and joys.  We are hope to each other.  There are many "caves" that people are "trapped" in.  We all have opportunities to assist each other without national headlines and notoriety. Each effort on behalf of another is very significant to the person who is experiencing a crisis and meets an earth angel.   

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